Tips for Carrying out Literature Review

Tips for Carrying out Literature Review

Carrying out literature review involves reading of secondary sources of information in order to know what others have written about a particular topic of study. The main aim of reviewing the available literature is to show your reader that you have read and that you understand the different arguments that have been advanced in your given area of study. In this era, when an essay writer is carrying out literature review, one should be keen enough to include the online sources of information as there is a wide range of information that can be accessed by the use of the internet.

One of the tips of carrying out literature review is that it should be guided by your research objectives. Research objectives are normally the specific tasks that help you in accomplishing the main goal of your research. It then follows that the research objectives can guide you in knowing what kind of information is relevant to your research. The thesis of your research can also provide you with a good idea of what kind of information that might help in tackling your research problem.

Comparing and contrasting different authors’ views on a given issue of interest can be a good strategy of reviewing the available literature. It is however worth to note that literature review should be more than a mere compilation of other peoples’ ideas and opinions. When reviewing the available literature, your aim should be to provide a critical discussion that shows that you are aware of the differing arguments, theories as well as approaches that have been advanced in your given area of study.

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It is also important to note the various gaps in knowledge when reading around your area of interest. Your literature will be more impressive if you manage to show that there is an existing knowledge gap that you wish to fill by carrying out the given study. You should also move a step further to show how your research relates to the available literature. In other words, your research project should not be isolated, on the contrary it should be able to smoothly link to the already existing literature.

Finally, a good literature review should have a conclusion. Such a conclusion serves the purpose of summarizing what the general literature in area of study says. This requires you to remind the reader the main points that you have discussed in the main body of the literature review.