Teleworking and Digital Disconnection, Is It Really Possible?

Digital Disconnection

In times of coronavirus, many companies have succeeded thanks to teleworking. While in many cases it is more favourable for all parties, it also means working longer hours. In this new normal, is it possible to encourage digital disconnection?

Digital Disconnection

Before the pandemic, Spain was one of the countries with the least implantation of teleworking, with the United States and Japan being the leaders in this form of work. Now, more and more of us work from our desk. How has the digital disconnection affected having the computer available 24/7?

Long Live Teleworking

In addition to favouring the country’s economy and the survival of many companies, teleworking has helped employees to combine their work and personal life.

And this is not only an advantage in the present, but it is also an advantage in the near future, in which children will have to go back to school and without work conciliation, many parents would have to call grandparents or babysitters again.

Another of the points in favour of this new working method is that crowds are avoided, both in public transport and on the road. And, thanks to this, pollution can be avoided and the quality of life of all living beings is increased.

During the lockdown, air quality data in large cities also improved. In other words, the decrease in the use of vehicles helped reduce pollution by half in the 80 Spanish cities with the largest population.

Not everything is so wonderful

However, teleworking also has a downside. One of the main problems is that there are no limits to the working day. It is difficult for workers to set a start time and an end time.

Likewise, in companies that do not work for objectives but for hours worked, employers are having many problems to be able to count the actual hours of their workforce. In addition, the relationship between employer or boss and worker can be somewhat complex. Well, both parties can confuse teleworking with being available 24/7.

All this leads us directly to digital disconnection because if the line that separates real-time and total availability is diffuse, is it possible to disconnect? Well, at the moment, it isn’t, at least realistically. In this way, governments are already working on different laws to establish limits, both for rights and for labour obligations.

Telefónica is one of the large Spanish companies that does bet on a true digital disconnection. This is how at the end of 2018, the company recognized this right for all its workers

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Online Plans for Quarantine Days

Online plans for quarantine days

A few days ago, the “I stay at home” ceased to be a solidarity initiative towards the rest of the citizenry and became a health obligation. However, this confinement does not have to be a stop in your life. Discover all the plans online to better carry the quarantine. It may be that your positivism has been decreasing during these days, but do not panic because we show you a wide variety of plans online to raise your spirits.

Online plans for quarantine days

How long have you been unable to read longer than the subway ride takes?

The time has come to sit and read for hours. Many organizations have opened their catalogue for free to all audiences. The UNESCO through this link puts at our disposal maps, manuscripts, recordings and films of all time. The National Library of Spain has done the same through the portal Digital Hispanic Library.

As for other types of readings, such as novels or stories, we find Wikisource, which seeks to create a large digital library with original works, from stories to poetry or theatre. And with Project Gutenberg, which has a catalogue of more than 60,000 books, although most of them are in English.

Beyond history and fiction, the company Hearst Spain offers free access to all its magazines such as Men’s Health or Cosmopolitan. To access them you simply have to register at Kiosko and more and start enjoying.

In addition to the above, it is also interesting to consider the Nubico online reading platform. It has more than 55,000 titles available and, although it works by monthly subscription, it has a free trial month for all Movistar customers. It is really comfortable to use because it is available for mobile phones, tablets and eBooks. Ah! And you can share the account with up to five friends or family. Not bad, right?

Live music through Instagram and YouTube

Dozens of artists have had their concerts cancelled by COVID-19. However, they have not thrown in the towel and have used various initiatives to offer live concerts through their profiles on social networks.

One of the most talked-about concerts was that of Alejandro Sanz with #LaGiraSeQuedaEnCasa as the motto, which can be seen in full here. Thus, festivals such as Cuarentena Fest or Todo indie have been created to send us the best streaming music.

But that is not all. In addition, if you are a Movistar Fusión client and you have the UHD Decoder, you have at your fingertips the Movistar Apps, available on Movistar television. Just grab your remote control and start enjoying live music with the new music App or discover new musical artists with the Movistar Sound App.

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Why Is It Important to Update Mobile?

Update Mobile

Android is one of the most popular mobile phone operating systems. Surely we have ever received a notice that our device needs updating. Before you start, keep in mind that there are two types of Android updates: new Android versions and security updates.

Update Mobile

The difference between the two is that the first ones appear with fewer frequencies than the security ones. Surely we have installed an update of this calibre and we have not noticed any changes, but we have to investigate beyond the superficial.

Security Before Everything

Android updates are a set of patches that are intended to correct errors and problems in the system.

These errors to which they refer are those related to the failures of the operating system itself, not to what an application may cause. In case there are errors in an application, a corresponding patch will appear on the Google Play application platform.

Of course, security patches are not universal and need to be adopted by manufacturers before they are available to everyone. Why does this happen? Simple, not all mobiles have the same software and hardware. For this reason, sometimes some phones lack patches.

To get an idea, Google collects the patches by monthly packages and publishes them periodically explaining what vulnerabilities there are. That published data reaches manufacturers and creates the update for their devices, adding patches for problems in their models.

Why is it Important to Install it?

Your mobile will receive a notification that an update is available. Admittedly, this notice is hard to ignore. The sooner you install it, the sooner your mobile will be vulnerable.

In case of not installing them, our mobile is exposed to security attacks, either through a hacker or the use of a malicious application. Remember that from the moment the vulnerabilities are detected until a patch is created, it can take months, therefore it is recommended to install these patches as soon as possible.

If you follow this recommendation, you will ensure that your phone conserves its useful life much longer, and you will prevent it from becoming a target of cyberattacks.

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How Online Shopping Affects the Economy

Online Shopping

During confinement, online shopping has broken records. Although this may seem negative, it reflects that we have taken government action seriously and that we have also spent more time planning our purchases. Confinement has helped citizens to stop to think more about what products they need. Going to the supermarket on-site requires speed, while online shopping allows for more planning.

Online Shopping

After analyzing what type of orders were placed during the quarantine, a data that has surprised for good has come to light: the purchase of fresh products has increased. And this type of food, normally, is acquired in small, local and nearby establishments.

The study that has been done so far shows that before the pandemic, only 3% of citizens bought food online, while now it stands at 9%. In other words, online trade in food products has grown by 200%.

More Conscious and Responsible Purchases

The government’s measures against the pandemic forced us to stay at home as long as possible, which translated into shopping the less the better, and if it could be done even better online.

Shopping online means having more time to think about what we need in our diet and what is essential in the pantry. This has been reflected in the increase in sales of fresh and healthy foods.

Another measure that the government adopted, and that has had positive results in the local economy, has been the discovery of nearby shops where they sold bread, fruit, vegetables, meat, etc.

Also, these small stores activated the home service so that the residents of the neighbourhood or municipality did not have to move.

In addition to making more sensible purchases and in local establishments, the time has allowed us to dedicate more hours to cooking. This has resulted in a farewell to pre-cooked dishes and junk food.

We do not know if these good habits will last over time, although surely many of them will stay with us, we will not be able to know until results are obtained from studies that compare how we were in 2019 and how we are now.

And you, are you more than buying in large stores or have you also gone to small neighbourhood stores?

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How To Control Your TV With a Voice Assistant

Voice assistant on your Smart TV

The voice has become the key tool in the access and uses made of technology. In a few years, virtual assistants have gained a presence in more than 70% of homes, through devices such as smart speakers, tablets or computers. But without a doubt, a new trend is now making its way: control of television through voice.

Voice assistant on your Smart TV

We live in an increasingly digital age, in which a screen has become something indispensable and even necessary to carry out our day-to-day life, and in which the possibility of controlling television through of the voice. It makes sense because there is something that has not changed over the years: the voice as a natural means of interaction and communication. According to a Forbes study, 53% of millennials use only virtual assistants. In addition, at home, attendees have become our ally to perform daily routines, such as searching for content on television or listening to your favourite radio station.

Human beings have been adapting to digitization since its inception, around the 1950s, observing as if it were a science fiction film all the evolution and technological innovation. Looking back, who would have imagined that, 70 years later, we could ask for movie recommendations, turn off the lights, or send a text message just by voice?

How could it be otherwise, now machines learn the language of people and adapt to us, giving rise to a new form of oral interaction? Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, more than two million people already use virtual assistants and smart speakers, making the most of all its advantages. Like, for example, that allows you to interact in a simple, comfortable and fast way when using natural language processing (PLN).

Search for content on television through voice, a new reality
Increasingly, and perhaps without realizing it, we rely on Artificial Intelligence in the work and personal environment. We can call a friend without having to dial the keys with our fingers, choose a route in the car or control the television with a voiced tap searching for a specific movie.

The trend of voice searches is booming and voice interfaces have found their way into the living room, giving us a new experience of consuming content on television. We no longer need to do infinite searches with the remote control to decide on a series or movie. And a clear example of this is the new Movistar + Vocal Control. Thanks to the integration of Aura, Telefónica’s Artificial Intelligence, at the command, you can access the entire Movistar + catalogue using your voice.

In a quick and simple way, by pressing the Aura button you can ask for personalized recommendations based on your tastes and interests, search for a movie similar to another you’ve seen, search by title, director or genre and change channels, among many more possibilities.

Movistar Home: the smart device that integrates Aura

In addition to the Vocal Control, Aura is also natively integrated into the Movistar Home smart device. With which you can also control your content through voice commands and launch them on television. With the magic words “OK Aura” followed by the action you want to do, you can enjoy the channel or program that you like the most on Movistar +, among others, and have the smart device as an extended screen.

As we see, voice interaction devices in homes are a new reality and the Movistar + Voice Control or the Movistar Home device is just one of the products and services that shape the Movistar Home. The possibility of interacting with the voice gives us new digital experiences, such as the Movistar Apps, available in the top menu of Movistar +, which we will be able to access by voice through the Voice Command very soon. Thus, we can enjoy these contents of entertainment, culture, sport or travel in the most natural way possible: with our voice. Until then, do not miss any of this content by clicking on the remote control in the “Apps” section. Remember that as a Movistar Fusión client, to live these experiences you only need to have the UHD Decoder or UHD Smart WiFi Decoder at home.

Enjoying series, movies or programs using your voice with the Movistar + Voice Controller we could never have imagined a few years ago. But this new interaction is what allows us to simplify our efforts at home, enriches the consumption experience and even allows us to perform more than one task at a time, for example, when we ask Aura to see a film by Almodóvar.

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