Online Plans for Quarantine Days

Online plans for quarantine days

A few days ago, the “I stay at home” ceased to be a solidarity initiative towards the rest of the citizenry and became a health obligation. However, this confinement does not have to be a stop in your life. Discover all the plans online to better carry the quarantine. It may be that your positivism has been decreasing during these days, but do not panic because we show you a wide variety of plans online to raise your spirits.

Online plans for quarantine days

How long have you been unable to read longer than the subway ride takes?

The time has come to sit and read for hours. Many organizations have opened their catalogue for free to all audiences. The UNESCO through this link puts at our disposal maps, manuscripts, recordings and films of all time. The National Library of Spain has done the same through the portal Digital Hispanic Library.

As for other types of readings, such as novels or stories, we find Wikisource, which seeks to create a large digital library with original works, from stories to poetry or theatre. And with Project Gutenberg, which has a catalogue of more than 60,000 books, although most of them are in English.

Beyond history and fiction, the company Hearst Spain offers free access to all its magazines such as Men’s Health or Cosmopolitan. To access them you simply have to register at Kiosko and more and start enjoying.

In addition to the above, it is also interesting to consider the Nubico online reading platform. It has more than 55,000 titles available and, although it works by monthly subscription, it has a free trial month for all Movistar customers. It is really comfortable to use because it is available for mobile phones, tablets and eBooks. Ah! And you can share the account with up to five friends or family. Not bad, right?

Live music through Instagram and YouTube

Dozens of artists have had their concerts cancelled by COVID-19. However, they have not thrown in the towel and have used various initiatives to offer live concerts through their profiles on social networks.

One of the most talked-about concerts was that of Alejandro Sanz with #LaGiraSeQuedaEnCasa as the motto, which can be seen in full here. Thus, festivals such as Cuarentena Fest or Todo indie have been created to send us the best streaming music.

But that is not all. In addition, if you are a Movistar FusiĆ³n client and you have the UHD Decoder, you have at your fingertips the Movistar Apps, available on Movistar television. Just grab your remote control and start enjoying live music with the new music App or discover new musical artists with the Movistar Sound App.

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