How Online Shopping Affects the Economy

Online Shopping

During confinement, online shopping has broken records. Although this may seem negative, it reflects that we have taken government action seriously and that we have also spent more time planning our purchases. Confinement has helped citizens to stop to think more about what products they need. Going to the supermarket on-site requires speed, while online shopping allows for more planning.

Online Shopping

After analyzing what type of orders were placed during the quarantine, a data that has surprised for good has come to light: the purchase of fresh products has increased. And this type of food, normally, is acquired in small, local and nearby establishments.

The study that has been done so far shows that before the pandemic, only 3% of citizens bought food online, while now it stands at 9%. In other words, online trade in food products has grown by 200%.

More Conscious and Responsible Purchases

The government’s measures against the pandemic forced us to stay at home as long as possible, which translated into shopping the less the better, and if it could be done even better online.

Shopping online means having more time to think about what we need in our diet and what is essential in the pantry. This has been reflected in the increase in sales of fresh and healthy foods.

Another measure that the government adopted, and that has had positive results in the local economy, has been the discovery of nearby shops where they sold bread, fruit, vegetables, meat, etc.

Also, these small stores activated the home service so that the residents of the neighbourhood or municipality did not have to move.

In addition to making more sensible purchases and in local establishments, the time has allowed us to dedicate more hours to cooking. This has resulted in a farewell to pre-cooked dishes and junk food.

We do not know if these good habits will last over time, although surely many of them will stay with us, we will not be able to know until results are obtained from studies that compare how we were in 2019 and how we are now.

And you, are you more than buying in large stores or have you also gone to small neighbourhood stores?

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