How To Control Your TV With a Voice Assistant

Voice assistant on your Smart TV

The voice has become the key tool in the access and uses made of technology. In a few years, virtual assistants have gained a presence in more than 70% of homes, through devices such as smart speakers, tablets or computers. But without a doubt, a new trend is now making its way: control of television through voice.

Voice assistant on your Smart TV

We live in an increasingly digital age, in which a screen has become something indispensable and even necessary to carry out our day-to-day life, and in which the possibility of controlling television through of the voice. It makes sense because there is something that has not changed over the years: the voice as a natural means of interaction and communication. According to a Forbes study, 53% of millennials use only virtual assistants. In addition, at home, attendees have become our ally to perform daily routines, such as searching for content on television or listening to your favourite radio station.

Human beings have been adapting to digitization since its inception, around the 1950s, observing as if it were a science fiction film all the evolution and technological innovation. Looking back, who would have imagined that, 70 years later, we could ask for movie recommendations, turn off the lights, or send a text message just by voice?

How could it be otherwise, now machines learn the language of people and adapt to us, giving rise to a new form of oral interaction? Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, more than two million people already use virtual assistants and smart speakers, making the most of all its advantages. Like, for example, that allows you to interact in a simple, comfortable and fast way when using natural language processing (PLN).

Search for content on television through voice, a new reality
Increasingly, and perhaps without realizing it, we rely on Artificial Intelligence in the work and personal environment. We can call a friend without having to dial the keys with our fingers, choose a route in the car or control the television with a voiced tap searching for a specific movie.

The trend of voice searches is booming and voice interfaces have found their way into the living room, giving us a new experience of consuming content on television. We no longer need to do infinite searches with the remote control to decide on a series or movie. And a clear example of this is the new Movistar + Vocal Control. Thanks to the integration of Aura, Telefónica’s Artificial Intelligence, at the command, you can access the entire Movistar + catalogue using your voice.

In a quick and simple way, by pressing the Aura button you can ask for personalized recommendations based on your tastes and interests, search for a movie similar to another you’ve seen, search by title, director or genre and change channels, among many more possibilities.

Movistar Home: the smart device that integrates Aura

In addition to the Vocal Control, Aura is also natively integrated into the Movistar Home smart device. With which you can also control your content through voice commands and launch them on television. With the magic words “OK Aura” followed by the action you want to do, you can enjoy the channel or program that you like the most on Movistar +, among others, and have the smart device as an extended screen.

As we see, voice interaction devices in homes are a new reality and the Movistar + Voice Control or the Movistar Home device is just one of the products and services that shape the Movistar Home. The possibility of interacting with the voice gives us new digital experiences, such as the Movistar Apps, available in the top menu of Movistar +, which we will be able to access by voice through the Voice Command very soon. Thus, we can enjoy these contents of entertainment, culture, sport or travel in the most natural way possible: with our voice. Until then, do not miss any of this content by clicking on the remote control in the “Apps” section. Remember that as a Movistar Fusión client, to live these experiences you only need to have the UHD Decoder or UHD Smart WiFi Decoder at home.

Enjoying series, movies or programs using your voice with the Movistar + Voice Controller we could never have imagined a few years ago. But this new interaction is what allows us to simplify our efforts at home, enriches the consumption experience and even allows us to perform more than one task at a time, for example, when we ask Aura to see a film by Almodóvar.

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